Dugi otok
Dugi otok is an environment that offers you extraordinary opportunities and enjoyment of natural phenomena that can not be found on other islands of the Croatian coast. The name of the island speaks about its length of about 50 km, while its width in some places does not exceed 2 km. South side of the island is known for its Nature Park Telašćica and the vicinity to the Kornati islands, while the northern part of the island where apartments Zmaj are located) is characterized by beautiful beaches.

Nature Park Telašćica
If you are staying at the island of Dugi otok, a walk through the already mentioned Nature Park Telašćica is infallible. The park offers 3 natural phenomena - Telašćica Bay which can be reached by car, entrance is being payed. The bay is one of the largest and most beautiful natural harbors in the Adriatic. It hides 6 islands and reefs, 25 coves and 69 km of coastline. If you like hiking, there are many paths in this part of the island. Another natural phenomenon are the rocks that rise up to 200m above sea level and represent the grand guard to the southern part of the park. The walking tour of the park continues to the third phenomenon - salt lake 'Mir' with the herbal. Here you will be able to meet a frequent guests of the area - peaceful donkeys.

Beach Sakarun
In the vicinity of Veli rat, not far from the apartments Zmaj, lies one of the most famous beaches in the Zadar County - Sakarun. With a length of 800 meters and exceptional shallow sea, the beach and its white sands are ideal for swimming with children.
Veli rat Lighthouse
Also called Lantern, this magic lighthouse dates from 1849. It is 42 meters high structure and is the highest lighthouse in the Adriatic. It is believed that its distinctive yellow color is originated from 100 000 yolks that were used as a binder during construction. We recommend swimming on the beautiful coastline that surrounds the lighthouse and hides small pale sandy beaches. Also, watching the sunset on the horizon whith no end in sight offers spectacular scenes - we guarantee.
Cave Frightfull furnace
It is located near the town of Savar, straight on the way to Nature Park Telašćica. The cave is open and arranged for visitors, so if you're headed to the south side of the island, be sure to visit this beautiful Mother Nature's handicraft. For those who do not like long walks, car access is provided along the gravel road, but we recommend a walk of no more then 45 minutes from the main road. There is an old myth that exist among residents of the island telling us about how the cave came into existence:
'Once upon the time, fairies decided to cut the island of Dugi otok in half. They worked hard and chiped every stone all night long, but just when they were about to finish, the dawn prevented their plans. The island of Dugi otok stayed safe, and the cave Strašna Peć reamined a recollection on that unavailing attempt.'
Beaches and bays
For adventurers and explorers, the island of Dugi otok is a special place. The clear blue sea awaits you at every part of the coast of the island, which offers countless bays, beaches and ports and is a paradise for lovers of sailing and diving. Did you know that on the island there is a hole visible on the surface of the coast that the locals call Dragon's Eye? Dragon's eye is located in the bay of Brbiščine on the southwest side of the island. The terrain is full of caves and is a popular location for diving. Beneath the surface extends thirty feet long tunnel with depth of 6-9 feet, and one part ends in a hole that leads to the surface - Dragon's Eye.

The island of Dugi otok provides recreation opportunities through several...